7th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Urban Construction

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Sustainable development as a movement to modernism supports the needs of today and future. The purpose of sustainable development is improving life quality. To reach the goal, coordination and cooperation among economic, social, and environmental sustainable development are necessary. Dangerous pollutants and contaminations are menaces for future while sustainable development try to reduce these dilemmas. On the other hand, acceleration in urbanization and the human effects on the earth, shows the importance of urban sustainable development. The universities and institutions should educate and teach effective and talent people to compensate the limitations of future sustainable. In this way Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute(DHEI) held seventh international conference on “Sustainable Development & Urban Construction” by cooperation of country organizations and local and foreign universities on 14th to 16th of December, 2017.

To cover all aspects of sustainable development, the conference topics are named as below:
1.    Special Topic: The Role of Urban Regeneration in Sustainable Development
2.    A Comprehensive Definition of Sustainable Development and Recognition of Challenges and Proposal Solutions
3.    The Role of Architecture, Urban Development and constraction in Sustainable Development
4.    The Role of Transportation in Sustainable Development and its Impact on Containment of Cities Peripheral Development
5.    The Role of Energy, Water, Environment and Modern Technologies Resources Management in Sustainable Urban Development
6.    The Role of Urban Economies and Urban Capitals Management in Sustainable Development