5th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Urban Construction

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Sustainable Development is such a development that can supply the current human needs without limiting and threatening future generation needs. In this definition, all generations have the right to use natural resources as same as other generations’use. Sustainable development is an important and new perspective in global management and public policy. In this regard,President Rouhani’s speech at the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Summit on October 2015 stated that: “Environmental problems has taught human that all of us are sitting in the same boat. Whatever others do is important to our destiny; no matter how people live, no one can be sure of his own security and comfort. Achieving sustainable development goals is too difficult without broad cooperation of national, regional and international levels. This cooperation should be inspired by the awareness of the same fate and a shared commitment to the important human responsibilities.”In order to explaining this concept, after holding four successful consecutive national conferences, “Daneshpajoohan Higher Education Institute (DHEI)” held “5 International Conference on Sustainable Development & Urban Construction (SDUC)” in 17-19 December,2015 at Abbasi Hotel, Esfahan, Iran.
Topics of the conference were:
1. Challenges and Solutions of Sustainable Urban Development
2. Role of Architecture and Urban Design in Achieving to Sustainable Development
3. Role of Civil Engineering in Achieving to Sustainable Construction
4. Optimization of Energy Consumption in Sustainable Development
5. Industry and Information Technology in Sustainable Development